Sambucus black lace

Learn more about Monrovia plants and best practices for best possible plant performance. Grow in medium to wet, well-drained soils in full sun to part shade. Tolerates a wide range of soils, but prefers moist, humusy ones.

Zo heeft de plant zes maanden lang sierwaarde. Purple- black berries may follow . Prachtige wit-roze bloesem.

Stelt niet veel eisen aan . Its a real favourite with leading garden designers . Perfect for foundation and specimen planting, border . This highly cultivated form of the familiar Black Elder is primarily a foliage plant whose deeply cut, purple- black. Take European elder, for instance. This omnipresent shrub grows anywhere, without any maintenance and the . Beautiful deep purple dissectum foliage (cut leaf). Creamy pink flowers from May-June, followed by attractive red .

Sambucus Collection SAVE £- click here. There is one main species in North . Schermbloem, zeer donker diep ingesneden bla glanzende rode eetbare bessen, bloemen en. Black Lace has dramatic, almost black , dissected foliage and produces beautiful creamy pink buds and flowers from May to June, with flower clusters measuring . This lovely shrub has it all—beautiful lacy foliage of purple so rich it appears black , huge clusters of pink flowers with a light lemony scent, and a sturdy, . Een prachtige variatie op een eenvoudig . This easy-growing elderberry is an excellent choice to add color and texture to your garden.

In June, BLACK LACE is covered in flat, pink buds, getting paler at the opening stage to become a creamy white.

The contrast to the dark foliage is remarkable. Commonly called black elder, these dark -leaved shrubs make a dramatic statement . De plant heeft stevige, kurkachtige takken, waaraan bijna zwart blad zit. Het blad is erg mooi en fijn ingesneden en niet zo . Dark purple- black leaves and pink flower clusters.

Foliage stays dark throughout the growing season. A striking and relatively recent developed form of this native plant. Striking dark purple deeply cut leaves with flatish heads of small pink flowers that contrast . Elderberries are garden favorites because of their great foliage, color, and berries.

A well named variety with beautiful finger-like,.

Lacy dark purple foliage and masses of pink flower clusters. Black Lace Elderberry from Proven Winners has purple- black foliage and is durable and adaptable. Its creamy pink flowers contrast nicely with the dark leaves . A medium shrub with finely dissected purple- black foliage.

Large pale pink flower clusters in. Be the first to review this . Groot assortiment tuinplanten voor particulier direct van de kwekerij. Buy shrubs online for fast UK delivery with a 2yr guarantee!