Exacum plant

Exacum affine Naam Exacum affine Nederlandse naam Bitterbla Exacum Familie. Kleine, compact groeiende plant die vooral als kamerplant wordt gebruikt, . For best , buy a plant that has many growth points and is . De planten bloeien in augustus en september. De bladeren zijn ook mooi glanzend wat ze extra sfeervol maken in de huiskamer.

Persian Violet is a beautiful and fragrant house plant covered with small, violet- blue flowers. Read here for more about Persian violet plant care. The blooms have a wonderful sweet scent.

Makes an excellent potted plant and a great choice for using as a table centerpiece where its rich fragrance can be . Gebruik: bloembakken, potten. Habitat: zonnig, goed doorlatende grond. It is endemic to Socotra, part of Yemen, though its .

Exacum (or Persian Violet) is a small and neat plant which is only a few inches high when offered for sale. Its flowers, pale purple with a yellow . Deze kleine, compact groeiende plant wordt vooral als kamerplant gebruikt, maar in de zomer, bij voldoende warmte, kan zij ook prima buiten op het terras of in . Uw prachtige nieuwe kamerplant, de Bitterblad Exacum Affine wit, koopt u het goedkoopst bij Warentuin! De Exacum is in het wild veelal te vinden in de rotsachtige . Common Name : Persian Violet.

Foliage: Leaves are green and glossy, arranged in an opposite . Other articles where Exacum is discussed: Gentianaceae: …with blue, star- shaped flowers, and Exacum , a tropical indoor ornamental, are other attractive . Exacum can be grown outdoors in shady gardens, but it is most popular as an indoor blooming plant. The shiny green leaves studded with. Exacum is native to the Socotra Islands, southeast of Yemen in the Middle.

Companion Plants : Chenille, Clivia, Miniature Orchids . Bekijk het grootste assortiment tuin-artikelen o. Compendium of Flowering Potted Plant Diseases. Growing Information: Culture Guidelines.

Height: – (- 15cm). Width: – (- 20cm). The genus Exacum is in the family Gentianaceae in the major group Angiosperms (Flowering plants ). Statistics are at the end of the page.

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As market leader in breeding of Exacum Ex- Plant strive to keep on bringing improvement to this fantastic crop. This plant was discovered on the Yemeni island of Socotra where it is extremely dry. Exacum grows on the edges of wadis, the dry channels through which water.